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State Training Board's Work Plan for 2016-17

The State Training Board prepares a work plan each year comprising of the key functions, initiatives, and activities of the Board. The work plan for 2016-17 comprises the following activities:

Legislated Functions of the State Training Board

The functions of the State Training Board are to:

State Training Plan ​Section 21(1)(a) of the VET Act requires the State Training Board to prepare for the Minister's approval a State Training Plan. The Plan contributes to the policy and purchasing direction for the training system in Western Australia for the short to medium term.
​Industry Training Advisory Bodies​Under section 21(1)(b) of the VET Act the State Training Board recognises various industry training advisory bodies from which the Board takes advice on the development of the State Training Plan and making recommendations to the Minister on the classification of prescribed VET qualifications.
​Classification of Prescribed VET Qualifications​Under section 60C of the VET Act the Minister for Training and Workforce Development must take advice and recommendations from the State Training Board on the classification of prescribed VET qualifications for the purposes of delivering the qualification through a training contract with an employer (apprenticeship or traineeship).
​Policy advice to improve links between industry developments and VET​Section 21(1)(c) allows the State Training Board to prepare, for the consideration of the Minister for Training and Workforce Development, policy which aims to improve the links between specific industry developments and vocational education and training so as to gain optimum employment opportunities for people, and ensure the availability of appropriately skilled labour, in the State.
​Appeals against decisions of the Training Accreditation Council ​A person who is dissatisfied with a decision of the Training Accreditation Council relating to sections 58B, 58C or 58E of the VET Act may appeal against it to the State Training Board under section 58G of the VET Act.


In addition to the above legislated activities, the Board provides advice to the Minister for Training and Workforce Development on matters relating to:

  • the existing and anticipated supply and demand for skills in various industries, particularly expanding industries and industries which are experiencing, or are expected to experience a shortage of skilled labour, and on proposed strategies to support such industries;
  • strategic directions, policies and priorities for the State training system;
  • emerging international, national and State training issues;
  • the extent to which training services meet the current and future requirements of industry and the community, including the requirement for equal opportunity of access to those services; and
  • any other matters, as directed by the Minister.

Priorities for the State Training Board in 2016-17

​Industry Information The State Training Board ensures that the State has a system of secure, robust industry and community advice on current and future training requirements, skill standards and the responsiveness of training delivery.
​Technology and Innovation ​The State Training Board has commenced a project to examine current and emerging technology and innovation advances that are likely to impact key industries in Western Australia, and their implications for education, training and workforce development over the short, medium and long-term.
​Healthcare and Social Assistance ​The State Training Board has agreed to research the specific skills needed for a highly skilled Healthcare and Social Assistance industry, including aged care, disability and allied health sectors. From this research the Board aims to develop an inclusive workforce development plan for the sectors through a collaborative approach involving industry, government, service providers, advocacy and advisory bodies.
Apprenticeship and Traineeship Review ​The State Training Board to review the current apprenticeship and traineeship model to investigate models that offer one or more exit points that target definable employment opportunities.
Participation in Western Australia's training system

​To what extent does training services meet the current and future requirements of industry and the community?

Does industry have input into the priorities for the State's training system?

Are there barriers to participation for under-represented groups?

Do training services meet the skilling needs of Western Australia in the labour market?

State Training Board to develop a "report card" on the participation of young people in accessing publicly funded training services in Western Australia.

University and VET Pathways

​The State Training Board to work with stakeholders to develop a policy position that encourages VET and University partnerships in order to increase the pool higher level qualifications in Western Australia. This could include the development of State-wide pathways and articulation framework as recommended in the Seares VET Review (2014).

Address priorities and gaps in the provision of higher level qualifications (VET diplomas and advanced diplomas and university degrees) through a collaborative approach involving industry.

Broadening and deepening Western Australia's skills base

Our research shows that Western Australia will need to grow the proportion of the domestic population with post-school qualifications between now and 2030. To achieve this Western Australia must have an accessible, flexible and responsive education and training system with a framework (including policies) to support all Western Australians to broaden their skill base and to undertake additional qualifications which may be at a higher level (skills deepening) or the same or lower level (skills broadening).


For further information on the Board's work plan please contact the Office of the State Training Board on
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