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​​​​​How can I lodge a Notice of Intent?

A proponent must lodge a written 'Notice of Intent' with the Office of the State Training Board to establish a new classification or vary an existing qualification under s.60C of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996.

The proponent can provide the 'Notice of Intent' as a letter or by filling out the Notice of Intent PDF Form (Note: If you are using the Notice of Intent PDF Form, please use one form for each establishment or variation request).

The Notice of Intent should provide the following information:

  1. Name, Company, Address, Telephone and Email contact details of the proponent
  2. Type of proposal:
    • Establish a new apprenticeship or traineeship OR
    • Variation to an existing apprenticeship or traineeship OR
    • Training Package update.
  3. The classification: Class A or Class B;
  4. The apprenticeship/traineeship name;
  5. The qualification name and code;
  6. ANZSCO Occupation Outcome;
  7. The details of the Training Package; 
  8. If a variation - what type of variation are you seeking;
  9. The reason for the request.

All 'Notices of Intent' to propose the establishment or variation of a VET qualification should be lodged with:

Attention: Office of the State Training Board
Department of Training and Workforce Development
Locked Bag 16
Osborne Park Delivery Centre WA 6916

Notice of Intent - Establishment.pdf

Notice of Intent - Variation.pdf

Email the saved copy to: