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Industry Consultative Committee

The Industry Consultative Committee was proposed by the State Training Board in response to the Independent Review of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector in Western Australia conducted by Emeritus Professor Margaret Seares during 2013-14.

The State Training Board recommended that it establish the Industry Consultative Committee under section 23 of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996 to formalise the relationship between the State Training Board and the Industry Training Councils. In its submission to the Seares Review the State Training Board wrote:

The role of the Industry Consultative Committee (ICC) would be to progress strategic workforce development matters that impact the workforce. It is the Board’s view that the ICC would meet no more than four times a year (preferably at least twice a year) to progress items of a strategic nature. The ICC would be the first point of contact for the State Training Board to progress items of a strategic nature such as the development of strategic policy advice that will impact all industries (responsive trade training, youth unemployment, crowding out and workforce projections projects) could benefit from the insight of the Chairs of the Industry Training Councils on a more formal basis.


The members of the Industry Consultative Committee are:

  • Jim Walker, Chair State Training Board (Chair)
  • Brendan Robb, Chair, Community Services, Health and Education Training Council
  • Ian Hill, Chair, Construction Training Council
  • Joe Fiala, Chair, Utilities, Engineering, Electrical and Automotive Training Council
  • Graham Drury, Chair, Financial, Administrative and Professional Services Training Council
  • Carlo Gosatti, Chair, Food, Fibre and Timber Industries Training Council
  • Barry Felstead, Chair, FutureNow: Creative and Leisure Industries Training Council
  • Cathi Payne, Chair, Logistics Training Council
  • Sanchia Tolomei, Chair, Resources Industry Training Council
  • Andrew Vitolins, Chair, Retail and Personal Services Training Council


Terms of Reference

The Terms of Reference for the Industry Consultative Committee were adopted by the Committee on 20 May 2016.