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​​​The Career Centre

The Career Centre provides advice and assistance on deciding on the job, training, or career path that is right for you, advice on career planning and recognition of prior learning.

You may be able to use your existing skills and knowledge to get a formal qualification using recogn​ition.

To access Career Fact Sheets, the Courses and Careers Guide, information on how to have your overseas qualifications and skills recognised in Western Australia, and Online Tools visit the Career Centre on the link below. 

Visit the Career Centre...


The Apprenticeship Office

The Department of Training and Workforce Development's Apprenticeship Office (formerly ApprentiCentre) administers training contracts and regulates the apprenticeship system in Western Australia as prescribed in Part 7 of theVocational Education and Training Act 1996 (the VET Act) and associated Regulations.

The Apprenticeship Office also has a compliance role that includes audits on training plans,                   
assessments on employers' suitability to train their apprentice(s), and ensuring that regulatory requirements are maintained across the apprenticeship/traineeship system. The Apprenticeship Office also provides a dispute resolution service for employers and apprentices/trainees where disagreement may arise under the training contract.

Employers, apprentices/trainees and training providers will find a range of useful information at DTWD Apprenticeship Office


Skillsroad is an initiative of the Chamber movement in Australia, brought to you by NSW Business Chamber, Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Western Australia, Victorian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Business SA.  

Skillsroad helps individuals with their career journey. From finding out what kinds of careers will suit your personality type, to researching occupations and industries, preparing your resume and applying for jobs.


For more information telephone 1300 192 322 or email