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Youth Survey Results

Findings of the Youth Matters: Youth Survey, which closed on 27 February 2015 and attracted more than 1,100 responses from youths aged 12 to 24 across Western Australia, is now available.

 Information gathered on young people's experiences and challenges with education, training and employment will be a way of ensuring that any program or plan put in place will target their needs.

The survey report provides insights into youth experience at school, career advice and employment and highlights:

  • Family and parents are strong influences on job and career decisions; 

  • Transport is often a barrier to employment, especially for young women;

  • Many young people reported 'having little or no relevant experience' as a barrier to employment which becomes a circle as they can't gain experience if employers are not willing to employ a less experienced person;  and

  • Money is an important factor in a young person's education and training considerations. 

The State Training Board intends to undertake further consultation through face-to-face focus groups and forums to get a better understanding of the challenges facing youth.

To view the results - Youth Matters: Youth Survey Results Report