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Youth Unemployment Project

In 2012 the State Training Board established a Steering Committee to examine youth unemployment in Western Australia. The aim of the project is to develop a strategic youth workforce development plan for Western Australia.

Phase 1: Preliminary Research Paper

The report from phase 1 of State Training Board’s Youth Unemployment project identifies key issues relating to youth in Western Australia.

Youth Matters: a study of youth education, training, employment and unemployment in Western Australia, commissioned by the State Training Board, is based on research and consultations undertaken by Business Group Australia and the State Training Board’s Youth Unemployment Steering Committee. It is provided as an introduction to the challenges associated with the transition from secondary education and training to the workplace. It focuses on when young people fail to make a successful transition and the complexities of youth unemployment. It is not intended to provide all the answers but rather to generate discussion and action on this important workforce development issue.

It must be clear from the outset that this paper is not about blame or pointing at a failure of our current system to support our young people. Our research shows that our system works well for the majority of young people with around 75 per cent making the transition from school to further education, training or work with little difficulty and go on to establish a permanent place in the labour market.

Youth Matters explores the challenges of disadvantaged and unemployed youth. It is intended as an opportunity to further strengthen and develop sustainable whole-of-community responses to effectively tackle youth unemployment. The advice received from agencies and service providers working with unemployed youth people supports the positions and directions presented throughout this paper. The actions required to move the most disadvantaged young people into sustainable employment are intensive, long-term, targeted and expensive. The service provision is multi-faceted and requires cooperation across organisations, coordination and a collaborative approach.

The Terms of Reference for Phase 1 can be viewed here: Terms of Reference – Phase 1

To the view Executive Summary - Executive Summary

To view the Full report - Full report

Phase 2: Community-based approach to Youth Matters

Work on phase 2 of the project will commence in 2013. Phase 2 will build on the work of Youth Matters but will have considerably broader and deeper objectives and scope. The aim of the project is to develop a Strategic Youth Workforce Development Plan for Western Australia.

The Steering Committee proposes to consult with youth on their experiences and challenges as a way of ensuring services and programs target their needs. The Committee also proposes to share these findings with providers, employers and government in the development of a fully collaborative community based program to promote cooperative and ‘joined up’ services or ‘wrap around’ action to maximise the impact of government interventions at the local level. It will build on the work already undertaken by the State Government and promote and build partnerships with local communities. Local initiatives work best when all the available resources and capabilities are applied at the problem.

Terms of Reference for Phase 2​.