Notice of intent - Variation (transfer)
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Notice of intent - Variation (transfer)

Please use this form if you are seeking a variation to transfer an existing apprenticeship/traineeship to a new qualification (as a result of a training package update). A copy of the completed form will be emailed to you. Questions marked with an * are mandatory.

If you have any questions or difficulties completing the form, please contact us

Proponent details (Please provide your details so that we can contact you.)

The relevant industry training council may be able to provide advice or assistance with your Notice of intent. Contact details for all WA ITCs are available here.

Qualification details
Information required
Please provide the following four pieces of information for each qualification that you wish to transfer. Select the Add another button to enable the addition of another qualification. Please note: there is a limit of four transfers per form. Submit an additional form if you wish to transfer more than four qualifications.

I certify that the occupation outcomes of the current qualification and the new qualification are the same as listed above.

(NB If the occupation outcomes are different, please submit a Notice of intent to establish a new apprenticeship or traineeship.)

Page last updated February 11, 2021