Mobilising WA's Future: Young People in VET
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Mobilising WA's Future: Young People in VET

Mobilising WA's Future: Young people in VET

Young people make up almost half of all participants in WA’s Vocational Education and Training (VET) sector. The State Training Board had roundtable discussions with more than 70 young people to gain insight into their engagement and experience in the VET system. 

Check out the Board’s Mobilising WA’s Future: Young people in VET report to hear what WA youth has to say about: 


  • Engagement and exposure to VET;
  • Changing the perception of VET; and
  • VET delivery and support.

The State Training Board’s report will be a valuable tool for shaping future State Government programs to improve the VET experience for young people. The Board thanks the participants whose insights were central to the success of this project.

Find out more about the report and the WA Government response here

Page last updated February 12, 2024