The State Training Plan 2018–2021

The WA State Training Plan 2018–2021

Section 21(1)(a) of the Vocational Education and Training Act 1996 requires the State Training Board to provide a State Training Plan for the Minister’s approval.

The WA State Training Plan 2018–2021 was endorsed by the Hon. Sue Ellery, Minister for Education and Training on 20 August 2018.

The State Training Plan identifies the current and future training and skill development needs of Western Australia's industries, and contains strategies that will contribute to achieving the State Government’s major goals and visions for the WA economy and labour market. 

Additionally, the Plan supports the key initiatives in the Government’s Plan for Jobs by investing in training places through TAFE and private training providers.

You can view and download the State Training Plan 2018–2021 here.




    Priorities identified in the State Training Plan 2018–2021

    State Training Plan 2018-2021

    The 2018–2021 plan identifies and recommends the following priorities and actions for the State.

    Funding priorities

    • State priority occupations
    • Apprenticeships and traineeships
    • Social assistance and allied health
    • Diversify and broaden WA's skills base

    Policy priorities

    • Increasing the number of Western Australians with post-school qualifications
    • Enhancing links between WA's industries and the VET sector
    • Meeting the growing skill demands of WA's social assistance and allied health workforce
    • Being responsive to emerging industries, technology and innovation advances

    Priority actions

    • Increase the number of Western Australians participating in VET through TAFE and private training providers
    • Make VET more adaptive to industry needs, and foster enduring partnerships with local industries
    • Develop and implement a coordinated workforce development pan and VET pathways for the social assistance and allied health workforce
    • Develop and implement a workforce development plan and VET pathways to respond to technology and innovation advances

    Supporting documents

    The current State Training Plan 2018–2021 is supported by a background paper prepared by the Department of Training and Workforce Development, which provides broad analysis of WA's economy and labour market and the VET policy parameters at both State and national level. It also highlights relevant research and reports.

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